Smart Storage Cabinet

We would like to introduce our Smart Storage Cabinet that allows you to store and find items ranging from medications to tools. A search via a computer will point to the drawer with the item(s) you need via an LED and display.

The Smart Box

We would like to introduce an improved version of our product, the Smart Box.

Paper documents that are scanned into digital documents are required to be kept for as long as 7 years, which results in an increase in administrative work needed to maintain these hard copies. The low-cost Smart Box will allow you to find the document of your choice, in minutes, out of millions of other documents. To decrease clutter, you can easily program our iMD software to remind you to clear unneeded documents after a time period of your designation. An LED on the corresponding box(es) and folder(s) will light, designating the hard copies to be disposed. Our improved version allows our Smart Boxes to be stacked without the need for additional wiring.


iMD Smart Paper Filing System